Your baby's stool

Stools say a lot about our health. This also applies to your baby, because your baby's stool can also have different colors and shapes. But what is actually normal? Don't look away from the diaper, look at the stool to learn more about your baby's development and health.

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Baby poo: what does your baby's black poop mean?

Right after birth, your baby greets the world with its first bowel movement. This stool is black in color and is also called meconium. Meconium has a sticky, tar-like structure and is odorless. Not exactly what you expect from a poo diaper!

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Orange baby poop: discover the reason

Orange poop may not be something you expect when you unfold your baby's diaper. Still, orange stool is usually not a cause for concern. After all, as your baby develops, the color, smell and consistency of the diaper contents also change. But what causes orange stool and what does it mean?

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Dark green baby poop: this could be the reason

If you unsuspectingly unfold your baby's diaper and find green stools there, you may be shocked. Still, green poop is usually not a cause for concern. From almost black to light colored, green stools are common in babies.
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Baby not sleeping? Here are 7 tips!

Is your baby a livewire who never wants to sleep and resists all your efforts to get them down for a nap? Then try the tips below! Every baby is different, of course, and something that works with one baby might not work with another.
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Tips for Balancing Baby and Business

Having a baby and starting a new business are two of life’s biggest events! Doing them simultaneously has the potential to be overwhelming, but with a bit of preplanning and some help, it can be a rewarding endeavor all-around. One area of critical importance for both you and your baby is ensuring appropriate nutrition. Consider Kabrita’s line of nutrient-dense goat milk food products that make those first feedings healthy ones.
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Reflux in babies

Did you know that nearly 90% of babies suffer from reflux? Nearly all babies sometimes bring up food, though it often isn't anything to be concerned about. Even so, there's a considerable difference between bringing up a little milk and reflux. In this article, we explain what reflux is, how you can recognise it and what you can do about it.

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What to do about engorgement: how to get rid of it quickly

If you have just given birth, you may initially suffer from engorgement This happens when you start to produce milk. This condition can be uncomfortable and stressful so what can you do to treat engorgement? Read our tips about how you can reduce engorgement and improve the flow of breastmilk:
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Types of formula

Sometimes, you can't see the wood for the trees. For whatever reason, you can't breastfeed (anymore). Maybe it has become too difficult because your baby needs special nutrition, or you have to stop breastfeeding for other (personal) reasons. Anyway, as soon as you start Googling, you come across so many types of formula, you're a bit stumped. And we haven’t even mentioned all the opinions of other parents and the people around you! To help you choose the best formula for your baby, we have listed all types of formula for you.
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