Baby - Life balance

Tips for Balancing Baby and Business

Having a baby and starting a new business are two of life’s biggest events! Doing them simultaneously has the potential to be overwhelming, but with a bit of preplanning and some help, it can be a rewarding endeavor all-around. One area of critical importance for both you and your baby is ensuring appropriate nutrition. Consider Kabrita’s line of nutrient-dense goat milk food products that make those first feedings healthy ones.
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Types of formula

Sometimes, you can't see the wood for the trees. For whatever reason, you can't breastfeed (anymore). Maybe it has become too difficult because your baby needs special nutrition, or you have to stop breastfeeding for other (personal) reasons. Anyway, as soon as you start Googling, you come across so many types of formula, you're a bit stumped. And we haven’t even mentioned all the opinions of other parents and the people around you! To help you choose the best formula for your baby, we have listed all types of formula for you.
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