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Gentle by nature

How Kabrita is made


Exclusive Dutch goat milk sources

If you consider giving your little one something new, you want to know the origin. Of course you do. Don’t worry: Over 60 Dutch family run goat farms exclusively supply us with fresh goat milk. All our farmers work according to a specific Dutch quality program called Qualigoat®, which governs the highly valued care and welfare of our animals as well as the hygiene on the farms and the quality of the goat milk. The goats are fed a tailor made diet for optimal composition of their milk.

Kabrita is tailored to the latest nutritional and scientific insights

The global R&D department of Ausnutria is working hard to translate the latest scientific insights into continuously improving our nutrition. We use the latest insights to turn the fresh goat milk into the best nutrition for your little one. Through the widely spread global network of universities, research centres and scientists in the field, the R&D department is able to keep track of the latest innovations. We are always looking for the optimal composition of our goat milk infant nutrition.

Kabrita is fully produced in the Netherlands

Kabrita is fully produced in the Netherlands, world’s home of dairy expertise. Our state-of-the-art production facilities based in the Netherlands are designed to exclusively produce premium quality infant- and toddler nutrition. The production facilities comply with the highest quality standards and certifications. Highly educated personnel delivers high quality infant nutrition every day. All to make sure your little one gets what it deserves.

Control of production chain

At Kabrita, we control the full production chain. We know our farmers, our suppliers and factories. High quality is essential and of vital importance in infant nutrition production. To offer you the best possible food safety guarantee, the entire process from fresh milk to infant formula is strictly controlled.