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Gentle by nature

Goat stories


Everything we do at Kabrita, would not be possible without the natural supply of fresh goat milk. We are pleased to introduce you to our Dutch white Saanen goats. They’re smart. Curious. A bit naughty. And they produce milk with a natural mild taste.

Fresh Dutch goat milk is the natural base of our infant formula. Therefore we carefully selected over 50 family run farms to produce the milk for Kabrita. On average a farm is home to a 1.000 goats.

Each year we welcome new babies to our family. The little ones are usually born between February and April. After just a few weeks they’ve grown big enough to play outside.

Their mothers live on a natural diet of fresh moan grass, hay and herbs. Plus extra proteins, vitamins and minerals. Part of all that is turned into goat milk. About 3 liters per goat per day. With a great, natural gentle taste.

The fresh milk is transported to our production facilities and processed immediately, keeping quality and flavour at its best. The proteins in goat milk are naturally easy to digest. That makes goat milk an ideal base for infant nutrition.

The quality, hygiene and welfare on all goat farms is ensured by the Qualigoat system. A chain-quality assurance system of the Dutch Goat Dairy Association. This private-law qualification system is set up by goat milk collectors and processors. So by following the Qualigoat standards, we can assure the best foundation for our most precious little ones