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Baby not sleeping? Here are 7 tips!

Baby not sleeping? Here are 7 tips!

Get them into a routine

Performing the same series of acts at bedtime can teach – or condition – baby to be ready for bed at the end of that sequence. For example, a bath, putting on night clothes, having a bedtime story, then into bed and sleeping.

No light in the nursery

If the room is darkened at bedtime, your child will learn to accept that night time is sleep time. Blackout curtains can make a huge difference here, especially in summer when the days are longer. These curtains shut out the light, making it as dark as night, and ideal for sleep.

Keep the crib for sleep only

Another type of learned behaviour that is useful is to only put your child in their crib when you want them to sleep. That way they do not associate the crib with playful activities, and begin to settle to sleep as soon as they are put down for the night. Also, try not to let them sleep anywhere else, such as in your arms or on the sofa.

The rhythm of baby's days

Make sure you stay alert to your baby's sleep patterns. At first they will sleep a lot, but the need for naps will shorten and lessen as they grow older. Make sure you adjust your expectations for their sleep to suit your life as much as possible: read more about baby's sleep pattern in our blog.


Swaddling is a very old technique that helps babies to feel as secure and comforted as though they were back in the womb. You wrap your baby in sturdy cloths, usually baby blankets or something similar, and this makes them feel very secure. Learn about the benefits, decide whether this will help your child and learn how to swaddle safely in our blog post all about swaddling.

Smells familiar

If baby won't settle down, it might help to put a piece of your own, lightly worn, clothing in bed with them. This helps to calm and soothe them as it smells as though you are near them.

Background noise

White noise – low level monotonous sounds – can have a calming effect on some babies. It can be produced by vacuum cleaners, washing machines or dishwashers – even hair driers. Obviously, baby's room might be distant from these appliances (and no one wants to run a hair dryer for too long), in which case there are apps that will play soothing sounds to help get baby off to sleep.

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