Goatmilk - Facts

What is A2 Milk?

If you’ve been in stores recently, you’ve probably seen products that promote A2 milk. You’ve likely wondered, “what is A2 milk?”. Learn more about A2 milk, A2 milk benefits, and what sets it apart from other milk.

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The difference between cow milk allergy and lactose intolerance

Cow milk allergy and cow milk or lactose intolerance are different disorders. The names are sometimes incorrectly used as the similar symptoms they cause are often confused.
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5 facts and fables about goat milk for your baby

'Goat milk bottle feeding is suitable for babies that are allergic to cow milk.', 'goat milk bottle feeding has a strong odour and taste.', we can go on and on. Many things have been said about goat milk bottle feeding, but what is really true? We have listed what is fact and what is fable here for you!
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Goat milk and cow milk - what's the difference?

Usually, cow's milk is considered the popular milk of choice for drinking, but goat's milk represents a good alternative. Goat's milk is widely consumed in non-Western countries, for example, as goats are typically their main source of milk. But is there actually a true difference between goat's milk and cow's milk?
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