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5 facts and fables about goat milk for your baby

5 facts and fables about goat milk for your baby

Goat milk bottle feeding is suitable for babies that are allergic to cow milk

Fable. Most people think that goat milk is a suitable alternative for people who are allergic to cow milk but the opposite is true. With a cow milk allergy, the immune system reacts to a certain type of protein the milk contains. Many experts think that αs1-casein proteins cause this allergic reaction. While goat milk contains a relatively low amount of these proteins, there is still a high risk of an allergic cross-reaction. Fortunately, a medically determined cow's milk allergy is relatively rare, certainly in comparison with people who are hypersensitive to cow's milk. These people have difficulty digesting the proteins in cow's milk and therefore goat milk may be a suitable alternative for this group.

Goat milk bottle feeding contains all legally required nutrients

Fact. European law states which nutrients must be contained in bottle feeding. According to the law, the maximum and minimum quantities must be specified for each substance. In addition to these legally required nutrients, manufacturers may add additional ingredients if they have been approved after the safety and benefits have been scientifically proven.

Goat milk bottle feeding has a strong odour and taste

Fable. Some people fear that goat milk bottle feeding has a strong odour and taste, similar to goat cheese. The odour and taste are mainly determined by the fats and these are replaced in kabrita goat milk bottle feed with a mix of vegetable oils. The smell and taste of kabrita goat milk are therefore comparable to the smell and taste of cow's milk.

Goat milk contains too little folic acid

Fable. The amount of folic acid naturally present in goat milk is supplemented in goat milk bottle feeding to meet the legally required amount of folic acid. So you can rest assured that your baby gets enough folic acid.

Kabrita goat milk bottle feed is produced entirely in the netherlands

Fact. Kabrita goat milk bottle feed is made from the highest quality dutch goat milk. This goat milk is supplied by a fixed group of 55 dutch goat farmers. These goat farmers work according to strict guidelines in order to guarantee the quality of the milk and the welfare of the animals.