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Do Yoga with Your Baby, An Activity That Will Get You and Your Baby Closer.

Do Yoga with Your Baby, An Activity That Will Get You and Your Baby Closer.

Doing yoga with your baby will allow you to evaluate their development. This discipline provides many benefits for the body of whom practice it, since it provides your baby with flexibility and allows their muscles to work in a located way when performing certain positions.

What is wonderful in this exercise is that it can be done in company of your baby, since it is an activity recommended by pediatricians and that it promotes stimulation. It also gives you the opportunity of creating memorable moments with your baby.

When babies have less than a year old, Adults are who help them with their movements and implement “asanas” (postures) and “pranayama” (breaths). According to the baby’s growth, the participation of the child increases, and the babies can perform the exercises by themselves. This will allow to observe the physical and cognitive development. So. What other benefits come from practicing Yoga?

It favors the psychomotor development. The baby learns to have a major control of their body, the muscle tone develops, and the baby coordinates the movements better with the instructions received (learns to follow orders).

This activity allows to track the proper growth of the infants, since each exercise can become into an assessment. In this way, it can be learned if the baby grows in an adequate way or if the baby needs another type of stimulation.

Yoga relaxes you and your baby. The “pranayamas” performed during the sessions allow the body to enter a state of relaxation which makes it a unique moment for you and your baby. In the other hand, the “asanas”, that involve attachment with you and caresses or massages, will favor this state. The energies of you both will be channeled and disperse distorted thoughts that may come in that moment. At the end of the sessions, your baby will be so comfortable that he or she will want to take a nap.