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Sleep well during pregnancy

Sleep well during pregnancy

On your side

Most expectant mothers find it pleasing to sleep on the stomach. Additionally, midwives also may recommend this position. But, did you know that the best way to sleep when you’re pregnant is on your left side? From research this position has been found to have the following benefits;

  • The left side position allows for the maximum flow of blood and nutrients from the inferior vena cava, to your heart then to the placenta.
  • Another research also found that sleeping on the left side reduced the risk of stillbirth compared to sleeping on the right side.
  • Sleeping on the left has also shown to be helpful to your kidneys. By improving on the elimination of waste and fluids from your body, means room for proper functioning. Which, in turn, reduces the swelling of feet and ankles?
  • If you find the position to be difficult, don’t worry, add a pillow to prevent you from falling on your back.

On your back

Most women may indeed find sleeping on their back to be comfortable. But, in this second and third trimester, this position could have detrimental effects on both you and your baby. Why? When you sleep on your back, the entire weight of your intestines, Vena Cava, and growing uterus rests on your back.

The weight creates pressure, which may then cause backaches, hemorrhoids, make digestion less efficient, interfere with circulation, and possibly cause low blood pressure, which may make you dizzy.

On your stomach

For some women, the tummy- down position might be their favorite. Which at most times, it’s usually at the early stages of their pregnancy. However, while your bump is growing, sleeping on your tummy may become troublesome later, which will require you to switch positions.
Train yourself from the beginning of your pregnancy to get used to sleeping on your side.

Other tips to add to your sleeping position:

  • Try eating bland snacks such as crackers; it may help to avoid nausea.
  • To reduce pressure off your lower back, place pillows behind your back, between your knees, and under the abdomen.
  • Consider using a pregnancy pillow.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks if you are experiencing leg cramps.
  • Install a nightlight in the bathroom; you’ll be able to return to sleep quickly.
  • To manage heartburn, avoid spicy, acidic and fried foods and drinks or pillow to your head, so you sleep elevated.

Extra napping makes your pregnancy experience a positive one. Did you know if you previously had enough sleep for about 8 hours, the sleeping time may increase to about 12 hours per night? As you are enjoying your rest, ensure the room has beautiful bedding, it is well ventilated, and you have enough pillows around you.


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