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Goats’ milk is generally easier to digest

Goats’ milk is generally easier to digest
These days we are spoilt for choice in the dairy category, and as a mom, you want to make the best nutritional choices for your family.

Dairy Goats’ milk composition, in particular, provides a distinct advantage in essential nutrients and has the highest amount of prebiotics among domestic animals. These prebiotics are in the form of oligosaccharides. In the gut, these prebiotics can help maintain the health of our digestive tract by encouraging the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and offering an anti-inflammatory effect. One glass of Goats’ milk gives you more than two-thirds of the recommended daily requirement of zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral for the maintenance of healthy skin, wound healing and helps boost immunity.

Goats’ milk is naturally easier to digest and best of all, it has a smooth, creamy taste.